Hajj Experience

Converts to Islam from different countries talk about their Hajj journey
Muslims express their feelings about their first pilgrimage to Mecca
Hajj Checklist from experience
By: Yusuf
Yusuf put together a list of items that he believes can help us with our Hajj trip
Filipino actress Queenie Padilla converts to Islam. This interview is after she performed Hajj
Queenie Padilla
Former actress Queenie Padilla (revert to Islam) speaks about her experience as a Muslim and talks about here Hajj journey
Muslims comment on their first Hajj
By: Faith of Life Network
Muslims comment on their first Hajj
Hajj video diary
By: Bilal and Shahida
Bilal and Shahida document their Hajj journey
Hajj reflection and memories
By: Abdullah and Hameeda
Abdullah and Hameeda reflect on their Hajj journey and speak about their experience
Mecca, Saudi Arabia